Hi, I'm Autumn.
I design interactive products & experiences for humans.

Reinventing the hair cleansing experience with P&G

Our team of four Northwestern EDI students partnered with Procter & Gamble to identify design opportunities for the future of personal cleansing.

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Creating a collaborative product development process at PAX Labs

I helped PAX implement more effective and collaborative ways of working within their animation design system during the development of Era Pro.

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Design research for caregivers and their aging loved-ones

My team at Northwestern conducted research aimed at understanding and designing for the needs of caregivers and their aging loved-ones.

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Turvangles: Modular shapes for a build-it-yourself sculpture

Turvangles are interactive, interlocking modular shapes that afford building a near-limitless number of sculptural forms.

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Exploring perceptual connections between scent and emotion

I designed scents for eight emotionally-descriptive words, and then compared my associations with others in a series of participatory experiments.

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Make Note: A musical instrument that saves your composition

Compose, record, perform, and make adjustments in real time by arranging physical notes with this new kind of musical instrument.

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About me

My passion for design mirrors my enthusiasm for experiencing the vastly interactive world around us. With interests across products, services, technology, and social systems, I aim to bring new and benefically disruptive ideas to life.

I'm currently pursuing my MS in Engineering Design Innovation at Northwestern. Find me on LinkedIn or reach out at autumnbasinger@northwestern.edu

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