Design Philosophy

Design is a fundamental human act. From the moment we are born, we begin experiencing and influencing the world around us. Whatever outcomes we achieve then influence what we think, do, experience, and create next. This cyclical relationship continues throughout our entire lives.

Eventually, we become conscious of the fact that we wish to create benefit through our influence. Nothing we do, and certainly nothing we create for mass use, is without influence. A designer is one who assumes this responsibility in good faith.

The intentional act of using our means and our understanding to create future beneficial experiences and outcomes for ourselves and others is what I call design.

To do this, we consider both the constraints and workings of our external world as well as those of our own psychophysical organism - the interface through which our experiences are realized. In a sense, we create nothing new. We only better learn how to form applicable connections between what we already know exists.

What I’m saying is that experiences, whether brought about through physical or digital products, societal systems and processes, interactions with others, or even our own internal perceptions of momentary stimuli, are the true products we aim to design.


I’m a designer based in San Francisco, California with a passion for creating fantastic experiences across disciplines. After earning my BFA from the University of Central Florida, I moved to Silicon Valley where I’ve so far designed for health and wellness, data management, and interactive hardware.

I enjoy connecting the dots to form a new big picture what, and also zooming in to the details of designing the how - the products, processes, and systems that translate input to output. In addition to all things interactive, I’m fascinated by combinations, computation, and cognitive science. Give me all four together and I’m sold!

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